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Our tailored software solutions are designed to empower retailers to thrive in today’s competitive market. Whether you’re a small boutique or a large chain, our technology can streamline your operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.

How ONEDATA Can Help Your Retail Business

Retail Software Solutions

Enhancing Customer Experience and Efficiency
Our Mantra towards Customer Excellence is to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall customer experience revolutionizing the retail sector. We want to introduce new ways to connect with customers, manage operations, and stay competitive in an ever-evolving market enhancing their shopping experience and driving business growth.

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Prepare your retail company for the digital age.

Prepare your retail company for the digital age.

ONEDATA Custom Healthcare

Retail consulting

ONEDATA, a provider of retail software, employs a group of technical specialists from various industries that are well-versed in the retail market. We’ll provide technical feasibility studies and software audit services to assist you uncover bottlenecks and maximize productivity so you can future-proof your company.

Reengineering of legacy apps

We’ll work with you to update your technological stack, migrate existing systems to the cloud, and other things to revitalize your core legacy systems. As a result, you’ll gain from improved maintainability, performance, and scalability.

development of unique retail apps

We create specialized retail software solutions that let you concentrate on your main line of business. A nearshore team of professionals can work with you from the beginning to the end. Or, we can join you at a later stage in the software development life cycle, giving you the flexibility to reshape your team to suit a particular skill demand, shorten time to market, and ensure a high-quality end result.

Our Software Solutions for Retail

Solutions for Point of Sale (POS)

We’ll work with you to deploy POS solutions that make it possible to process bank cards, checks, and mobile payments simply and quickly.

VR programs

Modern VR technology, such as virtual fitting rooms and VR & touchscreen showrooms, can engage customers in new ways, while back-of-house MR solutions can simplify in-store inventory management.

Inventory management programs for several stores

Improve your productivity by tracking and managing the goods you have in your stores, supply networks, and warehouses with the aid of specialized retail software.

tools for managing price and promotions based on data.

Adopt a flexible and data-driven promotion strategy with targeted offers that attract customers and drive sales, while our demand prediction solutions enable you to facilitate your product management tasks, maximise your profits and minimise losses.

Systems of customized logistics management

Integrate data science, predictive analytics, and blockchain technologies into your custom software and cloud-based solutions to enable easy scaling up to meet demand.

Integrations and building of personalized shopping carts

With development and integrations for Magento, Drupal, Opencart, and other e-commerce platforms, we can implement e-commerce solutions such as unique point of sale systems, online stores, and mobile apps (iOS and Android).

Online marketplaces

In addition to responsive storefront design, shopping carts, store management solutions, order management systems integration, third-party platform integration, data migration, and legacy application re-engineering, we provide unique feature development for online marketplaces.

Integrations with online stores

Profit from the integrations of ERP, CRM, CMS, accounting software, marketing automation, and other third-party enterprise software.

Mobile business

We design custom mobile apps for retailers, consumers and distributors, including mobile e-commerce platforms, mobile wallet solutions, and loyalty apps built with ONEDATA patented mobile coupon technology.

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