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Logistics Solutions for Seamless Supply Chain Management. We understand the challenges of managing complex logistics networks, and we’re here to provide you with advanced software solutions that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance visibility across your entire supply chain.

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Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management
We capitalize on AI and blockchain contracts for augmenting operational efficiency, visibility, and cost-effectiveness in the movement of goods and services. Modernizing the legacy infrastructure to cloud migration for a more seamless supply chain management, increased visibility, and hasslefree movement of goods, ultimately driving the growth of this critical industry.

Increase your productivity by working with a pioneer in the development of logistics software.

Increase your productivity by working with a pioneer in the development of logistics software.

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What we do

Consultations on processes and technology
We'll jointly identify any gaps in your current operating procedures before creating a solid development plan to assist you in utilizing technology, streamlining your business processes, and reducing costs.
Using both predictive and prescriptive analytics
You can benefit the most from your priceless client and IoT data with the help of our domain and data science skills. Predictive analytics models will be used to analyze historical and current patterns so that you can match your resources and capabilities to shifting market demands.
Receptionist integration
To fully integrate your business, our logistics software solutions connect systems like CRM, ERP, CMS, internal apps, and third-party apps. Systems work together to build information and process flow while taking care of monitoring, analytics, reporting, scalability, and security.
Software solutions for custom logistics
We establish a long-term technology collaboration to convert your business ideas into reliable, scalable solutions with unrivaled user experiences. Your idea will be developed from conception to completion by a nearshore team of knowledgeable software engineers.
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Management of transportation and delivery optimization

With GPS navigation and mobile reporting features, our specialized logistics software streamlines your whole order lifecycle, from entry and fulfilment to inventory management, packing, shipping, and tracking.

Software for fleet management and vehicle tracking

You may increase the productivity of your workers and fleet while streamlining your dispatch and carrier management procedures by using vehicle monitoring software and mobile apps.

Connected cars and telematics

 ONEDATA, giving you a precise picture of fleet efficiency. With automatic trip tracking, you can increase the operational safety of your whole fleet while making wiser judgments about fuel usage, asset management, and route optimization.

software for geospatial and navigation

With our custom-built navigation software, which provides you with full sight of your fleet on land, at sea, or in the air with comprehensive warehouse and route mapping, you can increase delivery efficiency and simplify inventory management.

warehouse administration

We create specialized warehouse management systems (WMS) that take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) and strong data analytics to offer insights into picking, packaging, and shipping, facilitating improved asset and inventory management.

Supply chain administration

 We provide automated payments, secure transactions (with peer-to-peer network capabilities), loyalty programs with immutable records, Smart Contracts that streamline supply chain management, and more.

Planning and maximizing routes

We provide data modeling and analysis services to logistics and transportation organizations, assisting them in implementing dynamic route planning and route optimization to increase order fulfillment and reduce expenses.

Comprehensive logistics

You may real-time synchronize your systems with the help of our middleware integration solutions. Open data sharing, supported by improved cybersecurity capabilities, enables you to be much more productive with little risk to your data.

Reporting, BI, and data analytics

You may make data-driven decisions that increase operational efficiency and decrease losses with the help of our specialized integrated BI and reporting solutions.

ONEDATA specialized logistical services

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