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Upskilled a Learning Management System (LMS) platform is a digital software solution designed to facilitate the creation, management, delivery, and tracking of educational content and training programs. It serves as a centralized hub for instructors, educators, and organizations to offer online courses, training materials, and learning experiences to learners, whether they are students, employees, or other interested individuals. Upskilled platforms provide a wide range of tools and features to enhance the learning process and streamline administrative tasks.

The Situation

Client having his different AWS environment in a single AWS account and organising, and proper
maintenance of account have to be done.
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This solution has provided the client with a well-governed and organized environment for their applications and AWS resources.
The complexity of managing various software solutions has been eliminated through the centralized Control Tower approach.
The implementation of the Control Tower set up by OneData Software Solutions has resulted in streamlined and efficient management of the client's environment.

Outcomes of Project
& Success Metrics:

Where a SSO had been enabled in the home region of the client usage of his application and based on the home region we have additionally enabled a few regions as per the client usage and all AWS environments like Production, Development, QA and Staging accounts have been governed and region has been restricted apart from the region mentioned.
By implementing this Clients environment can be easily managed and governed properly.
To avoid the complexity of the client OneData Software solutions provided a solution of implementing Control Tower setup in the client environment.

Proposed Solution
and Architecture

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